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For all Internet Explorer (IE) users, I recommend using GOOGLE CHROME for the best gay furry porn experience! These include:

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*Faster loading times especially for tumblr because tumblr has lots of traffic

If you are not 18 or older and if you believe that gay furry porn is disgusting... then GET OUT!!!

Welcome to Gay Furry Porn Art, a blog where I post my collection of gay furry porn pics. However, this blog is dedicated to all of the talented artists who draw furries in their own different styles and ways that keep us wanting for more!

The goal of this blog is to not only get you off, but I hope it also exposes you to many different types of art, style, physique, etc. Who knows? Maybe you will find an artist that you are really interested in. I don't know many furry artists but thanks to my followers who recommended these artists, the creation of this blog was possible. So thank you guys! :D

Having posted so many pics on my original blog,, I have come to cross many pics that got me off. Alas, those pics were lost within the hundreds of new posts that I make. Rather endlessly searching for these pics in my archive or looking through every single category of furries, I have decided to make this blog to hopefully make it easier for me to find these pics and perhaps for you guys as well.

I do want my followers to enjoy this blog. If you have any recommendations, questions, concerns, etc. don't be afraid to message me back at my original blog at

Enjoy your time here and have FUN! :)

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